Estate Planning & Wills

Whether you are in need of a Last Will & Testament to ensure that your estate passes to your heirs in the manner in which you desire, or if you need to guarantee that the proper person is immediately put in place to make life-altering medical and financial decisions for you in the event of an incapacitating injury, proper planning through medical and financial powers of attorney are of the utmost importance. To ensure that all aspects are covered and properly planned, we will sit down to determine what is important to you, what protections you need in place and then draft those documents to ensure your estate is protected.  Unfortunately during a time when a family is grieving a loss, others may attempt to take advantage of the loss.  It is these moments that make proper planning and swift legal action so important.

Additionally, there are times when it is imperative to maintain your separate property. Whether you are currently married or preparing for married life, I can help you and your significant other protect your assets.

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