• State of Texas v. KW- Client faced a serious felony charge of Criminally Negligent Homicide based upon a motorcyclist’s death in an auto accident.  A Dallas County Grand Jury refused to indict my client after my presentation to the Grand Jury regarding the lack of evidence of a crime being committed.  Dallas County;
  • State of Texas v. KB- Client faced up to 20 years in Texas State Jail for failure to report to probation for two 2nd Degree Felonies, failure to pay fines and failure to perform community service.  Motion to revoke dismissed based on my Due Diligence Argument; client’s probation terminated and client released from jail to see his new born baby.  Criminal District Court, Dallas County;
  • State of Texas v. CLB- Client charged with Class B Misdemeanor DWI and Class A Misdemeanor PCS PG3.  Both the DWI and the PCS charge were dismissed based on a lack of evidence and refiled as an obstruction of a highway, Class B Misdemeanor.  Client was placed on deferred adjudication and avoided a conviction. County Court, Archer County;
  • State of Texas v. ML- Client charged with Class C Assault.  Matter was set for trial and on the day of trial the state sought a continuance because the complaining witness was unavailable.  By following the complaining witness’s twitter feed I was able to show the judge that the complaining witness was sitting at home rather than coming to court.  State’s Motion for Continuance denied and the assault charge was dismissed.  Dallas Municipal Court.
  • State of Texas v. JPT- Client charged with Class B Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.  Based on the unconstitutional search and seizure by the arresting police department, I filed a Motion to Suppress any evidence found during the illegal search.  On the morning of the hearing the State dismissed all charges against my client.  County Criminal Court, Dallas County.
  • State of Texas v. WGB- Client charged with Class B Misdemeanor Failure to Notify Owner of Damaged Property.  Charges dismissed.  County Criminal Court, Dallas County;
  • State of Texas v. MLD- Client Charged with Assault-Family Violence.  Charges dismissed.  Garland Criminal Court, Dallas County;
  • State of Texas v. ML- Client successfully completed deferred adjudication for terroristic threat.  Secured a Non-Disclosure of her criminal record to allow the records to be sealed.  County Court, Palo Pinto County;
  • State of Texas v. BAM- Client charged with 1st Degree Felony Possession of Controlled Substance greater than 400 grams.  Client faced up to life in prison.  Filed a Motion to Suppress the 2 kilos of cocaine found in client’s vehicle based on an illegal search and seizure.  Charges dismissed at the pretrial hearing.  Judicial District Court, Hunt County;
  • State of Texas v. CS- Client charged with three counts of Felony Assault-Family Violence.  After negotiations with the State, the charges were dismissed.  District Court, Tarrant County;
  • State of Texas v. CS- Client faced a Motion to Adjudicate Guilt over alleged violations of conditions of a previous unrelated Deferred Adjudication.  Motion to Adjudicate denied, and Deferred continued.  County Court, Hays County;
  • State of Texas v. CS- Client faced two counts of Deadly Conduct.  Charges reduced to one count of Disorderly Conduct, Deferred Adjudication granted.  County Court, Hood County;
  • State of Texas v. CW- Client charged with Class C Misdemeanor Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign.  Charges dismissed on day of trial.  Municipal Court, Dallas;
  • State of Texas v. LY- Client charged with Class C Misdemeanor Speeding.  Client had CDL and could not have a speeding ticket on record.  Charges dismissed based on bad stop.  Municipal Court, Johnson County;
  • State of Texas v. DLM- Client had several pending Motions to Revoke probation pending in Dallas County and Smith County with one felony charge dating back to a 1991 charge.  By working with courts and prosecutors in both counties, Client’s probation was successfully terminated in Dallas County and a reduction of the to-be imposed sentence was negotiated in Smith Co.  Rather than serving 180 days in Smith Co, a term of 7 days incarceration was ordered.  Smith County Criminal Court at law;
  • State of Texas v. EDR- Client faced a felony Burglary charge and a Class A misdemeanor Interference with an Emergency Call.  Burglary charge not indicted and instead reduced to Class A misdemeanor Criminal Mischief.  Negotiated a dismissal of Criminal Mischief charge in exchange for a plea for time served on Interference Misdemeanor charge. County Criminal Court Denton County.

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