Whether you’ve been charged with a crime by the State of Texas or injured by the conduct of an individual or a corporation, you need an attorney to fight for you.  Dallas attorney Charles E. Soechting, Jr. is prepared to fight zealously for you in all civil and criminal matters including but not limited to the following areas:

♦Auto Collisions                          ♦All Criminal Offenses

♦DWI Offenses                           ♦Civil Rights Violations

♦Premises Liability                      ♦Business Disputes

♦Land Disputes                           ♦Mesothelioma


The Law Offices of Charles E. Soechting, Jr. are located in Dallas, Texas and provide experienced representation for those in need throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Hays County, Collin County, Rockwall County, Denton County,  and the State of Texas.

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